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Trump Just Took Credit For Obama’s Job Creation. Tom Perez’s Response Is PERFECT

Trump Just Took Credit For Obama’s Job Creation. Tom Perez’s Response Is PERFECT

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Today, the February jobs report was released, and it proved once again that President Obama’s economic recovery has done amazing things for the American people. 235,000 jobs were added last month while the unemployment rate dropped to 4.7%.

President Trump wasted no time in taking credit for it, retweeting a Drudge Report link that applauded Trump for making “America great again:”

This is a sharp pivot from Trump’s previous stance, which was to disparage the Obama recovery and spin apocalyptic lies about the state of the economy, alleging during the campaign that the “real” unemployment rate was as high as 40%. Just last month, he blamed his own incompetence on President Obama:

“As you know, our administration inherited many problems across government and across the economy,” he told the assembled reporters. “To be honest, I inherited a mess. It’s a mess.”

But now he’s all too willing to take credit for the healthy economy that didn’t exist until he took office.

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New Democratic National Committee chair and former Labor Secretary Tom Perez roundly slammed Trump’s shameless efforts to make himself look like he’s actually accomplished something:

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“He’s going to claim credit for these jobs numbers today, and I find that to be rather humorous.

The Washington Wizards, I’m a Wizards fan, they have one of the best records in the NBA since Jan. 20, and Donald Trump has about as much to do with that as he has to do with these 235,000 jobs report, which is a good report.

As a result of [Obama’s] courageous efforts in passing the stimulus bill and what we saw as a result of that is now 84 months in a row of private-sector jobs growth, the unemployment rate was 10 percent eight years ago now we’re at 4.7 percent,”

He’s absolutely right. We cannot allow the American people to be hoodwinked into buying Trump’s desperate attempts to conceal the fact that he’s breaking his promises to the American people left and right.

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Whether it’s taking credit for corporate job-creating projects announced years ago or congratulating himself for a jobs report he had nothing to do with, Trump has proven yet again he has no compunction against lying to the American people – and that we cannot abide.

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