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Trump’s Team Just Revealed Where He Got His Obama Wiretap Conspiracy From

Trump’s Team Just Revealed Where He Got His Obama Wiretap Conspiracy From

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During the presidential election Sec. Hillary Clinton warned that Donald Trump’s temperament made him unfit to sit in the Oval Office. Through Trump’s impulsive tantrums and unhinged behavior during his first several weeks in office, Clinton has been proved correct.

Trump’s latest episode of stupidity continues to add fuel to Clinton’s burning truth.  It has been proved Trump was reacting to a falsified “news” story from an often debunked right-wing website, Breitbart, and that Trump was fed the story by a member of his own staff.

On March 4, 2017 President Trump blasted out an early morning flurry of mountainously idiotic tweets accusing former President Barack Obama of “wiretapping” Trump Tower during the election. Trump, as par excellence for him, offered no evidence to substantiate his accusations. The tweets, sent around 6 a.m., can be read below:

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One wonders how Trump came to these drastic conclusions while the majority of the nation was still asleep.

As it happens Trump read a report from, of all places, which outlined a theory proffered by the dramatically ignorant right-wing talking head Mark Levin on his March 2, 2017 radio program which has a dwindling audience.

How did this story find its way to Trump’s eyeballs, which are regularly twitching from his alleged abuse of diet pills? Along with a copy of every major newspaper, a member of Trump’s staff also placed the false Breitbart story in his morning pile of media.

That’s all it took for Trump to fly off the handle and allow his emotions to dictate his embarrassing behavior. The United States is viewed as a laughing stock to the rest of the world and the main driving component for the international community’s disdain is Trump’s presence in the White House.

It has been widely reported that Trump’s staff have made desperate efforts to limit his intake of media, much like a parent attempts to limit their child’s intake of sugar before bed. It makes either too hyper otherwise. Further, Trump’s team attempts to balance his media diet with stories which show Trump in a glowing light as his narcissism requires a constant supply of praise. Apparently somebody forgot to follow the protocol.

Much can be, and has been, said about Trump’s tweets. For example the FBI, CIA, and NSA have all corroborated the mountain of evidence available to conclude that Trump colluded with the Russian government to influence the presidential election. This shows how “sacred” Trump truly believes the election process to be, and he is willing to infringe upon the process just as long as he achieves the results he seeks. It also shows that if Obama were wiretapping Trump he would have been justified in doing so, but Obama did not wiretap Trump and this has also been corroborated by the FBI.

While Trump was the creator of the “fake news” moniker, he is unquestionably the first American president in history to consume so much news which he believes to be false. Trump’s behavior makes little sense. He’s like an individual who claims something to be poison, but continues to ingest it while crying that he’s drinking poison. He does this while disavowing the various intelligence agencies in the United States who he believes do not give all of the information he requires.

This speaks to the heart of Trump’s stupidity. He berates those intelligence agencies whose job it is to inform him, while simultaneously berating the media whose main job is to turn a profit for their shareholders, while hungrily consuming their product and believing whatever he reads that agrees with his warped view of the world.


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