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U.S. Attorney That Trump Just Fired Was Investigating FOX News

U.S. Attorney That Trump Just Fired Was Investigating FOX News

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It appears that the lawyer who refused Trump’s demand for his resignation – and who was promptly fired for it – may have been poking around where Trump doesn’t want him to.

Preet Bharara of the New York Southern District Attorney’s office received an order to resign on March 10th, along with 45 other U.S. Attorneys.

But it should be known to all that his office was conducting a criminal investigation into President Trump’s beloved cable propaganda outlet – FOX News. 

Bharara’s office was looking into allegations that FOX News had misused corporate funds and had settled a slew of sexual harassment/assault lawsuits without informing the Securities and Exchange Commission.

After FOX & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson sued FOX CEO Roger Ailes for firing her after she rebuffed his sexual advances, the floodgates opened as current and former FOX employees spilled the dirty secrets of the conservative “family values” network.

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At least ten women came forward and described a “severe and pervasive sexual harassment” throughout the building, especially on the part of Ailes, who would hire and fire women based on their willingness to perform sexual favors. He eventually lost his job and was promptly hired by the Trump campaign team.

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The FOX News corporation paid out big to keep these women silent – but didn’t report the payments to the SEC or to their shareholders, which prompted the inquiry. 

To add more fuel on the fire, media reports indicate that Trump may replace Bharara with a FOX-friendly lawyer, like former Ailes counsel Marc Mukasey, who works at Trump ally Rudy Giuliani’s legal firm. 

It turns out that far from taking action against the “lying press,” Trump is willing to go out of his way to help the media outlets that shower him with unwarranted praise.

After all, without FOX News, how would Trump know what was going on in the world? How would he decide what to tweet about during his early morning/late night cable binges?

How would Trump know that he needed to fire the 46 attorneys if FOX’s Sean Hannity hadn’t done a segment the day before about purging “deep-state” Obama loyalists?

It certainly looks like Trump is abusing the powers of his office to keep the heat off his favorite channel.

h/t to Media Matters


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