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This Trump Tweet Just Came Back To Haunt Him – Thanks, CBO!

This Trump Tweet Just Came Back To Haunt Him – Thanks, CBO!

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For the 3,402 time (Occupy Democrats unofficial count), a tweet from Donald J. Trump’s twitter account has resurfaced casting doubt on whether the American people can take the president at his word regarding their healthcare.

In a May 2015 tweet, Trump not only promised there would not be any cuts to Medicaid, but that he deserved credit (surprise surprise) for being the “first & only” GOP candidate to promise this:


Today the Congressional Budget Office (C.B.O.) estimated a reduction of $880 billion in federal outlays for Medicaid. By our Occupy Democrats estimation, $880,000,000,000.00 fewer dollars fits the definition of “cut.”

I’m sure we can expect another contradictory tweet on this matter, as soon as @POTUS throws on his terrycloth robe and finishes watching Don Lemon. We’ll be waiting.

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