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This Top Democrat Just Destroyed A Fox News Host’s Obamacare Lies

This Top Democrat Just Destroyed A Fox News Host’s Obamacare Lies

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Former Bill Clinton adviser, founder of the New Democratic Network, and progressive icon Simon Rosenberg shut down Fox News’s Melissa Francis when she pressed him on health care policy.

Francis insisted on asking Rosenberg about one thing he would do to change the Republican-backed Obamacare replacement, the American Health Care Act or ‘Trumpcare.’

Rosenberg was furious that the discussion was focusing on Trumpcare with the base assumption that some version of Trumpcare must pass to replace a failing Obamacare. Actually, while Obamacare could use some carefully considered tweaks, the new health care system is performing well and will perform even better in the future.

He burst out in response to Francis’s manipulative line of questioning,

“I reject the entire framing of this conversation. The market was broken when Barack Obama came to the White House. People were not able to get insurance. Health care inflation was galloping. We fixed those things.”

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After attempts by Francis to interrupt, Rosenberg continued, “So tens of millions of people have insurance who didn’t have it before. They’re happy with that insurance. We know that from polling.”

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Rosenberg concluded his epic rant by saying that Francis’s attempts to ferret out his opinion was disingenuous, making it seem like Democrats are unwilling to provide possible solutions to difficult problems like the health care system.

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In fact, Democrats have been extremely vocal about what they think should be done. As Rosenberg points out, “Our idea is on the table! The Republicans don’t like it!”

He also retorts that the Democrats’ solution for health insurance companies dropping out of Obamacare exchanges is not a secret – it’s more subsidies to balance the market.

Francis treats this response like an admission of the unforgivable sin, but if we want insurers to operate in poor, unhealthy places they need to be compensated for the risk and expenses they take on. This is how markets work, and as long as America prefers market-based health care to government provided care, our policies will have to work with the market.

There is no reason for Rosenberg to suggest small adjustments to be made to the disastrous Republican plan.

The proposed Trumpcare bill will destroy a decent system that is popular with a majority of Americans and replace it with 15-20% premium rises in a single year, an additional 24 million uninsured by 2026, and devastating cost increases for seniors. Not to mention that it is deeply regressive and strips subsidies from the poor to increase tax credits for the rich.

Trumpcare doesn’t need to be changed, it needs to be thrown out so all Americans can access the health care they need, and so all Americans can thrive.

Watch the video here:

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