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Paul Ryan Just Declared War On Trump Over Failing Trumpcare

Paul Ryan Just Declared War On Trump Over Failing Trumpcare

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A bitter civil war has broken out in the Republican Party over the hostile reaction to the Republican “Trumpcare” replacement plan for Obamacare, and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) is furiously trying to shift blame to anyone else.

Just days after Trump attacked the House Speaker through a leaked audio clip released by fascist hate-rag Breitbart, Ryan publicly tied Trump to the bill disparaged by far-right Republicans as “RINOcare” by announcing that Trump himself was instrumental in helping to draft the embattled bill, according to CNBC.

Ever since the Congressional Budget Office released its devasting analysis of the Trumpcare bill on Monday, revealing that the plan would force 24 million people to lose their healthcare by 2026 while simultaneously giving billions of dollars of tax cuts for the rich, Ryan has faced criticism from both the left and the right.

Progressive members of Congress have attacked the plan’s disastrous dismantling of health care protections and subsidies that are currently offered to those covered by the Affordable Care Act. They also strenuously denounced the bill’s mandate to defund beloved women’s healthcare provider, Planned Parenthood.

Meanwhile, the most rabid conservatives on the right feel that the bill doesn’t go far enough in removing the government from the healthcare market and are bemoaning the fact that bill continues to offer tax credits to subsidize premiums for lower income people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford insurance.

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Ryan appears to have already started to realize that the bill may not pass in its present form, stating that:

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“we’re making all kinds of improvements and refinements that we think make this bill better.”

While Ryan surely expected opposition from the left and right, the biggest danger preventing the bill from being enacted could come from moderate Republicans who are beginning to realize that Obamacare is far more popular than they estimated.

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These Republicans are terrified that they will face massive retaliation at the ballot box in 2018 if thousands of their constituents lose access to affordable insurance or face enormous premium hikes, particularly since the bill would result in the most substantial rise in insurance costs for the older Americans who are the most reliable voters in the electorate.

Ryan is trying to make sure that Trump bears some of the political fallout from a bill increasingly seen as toxic. Just as the success of Obamacare was irrevocably tied to President Obama’s legacy, it’s now imperative that we tie Trump to this utter disaster of a healthcare bill. He’s not going to get to walk away from this.

Isn’t it fun to watch the Republican leadership throw each other under the bus?


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