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A Nazi Group Just Confirmed Trump’s Top Terrorism Advisor Swore “Lifelong Oath” To It

A Nazi Group Just Confirmed Trump’s Top Terrorism Advisor Swore “Lifelong Oath” To It

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Sebastian Gorka, President Trump’s top counter-terrorism advisor was just confirmed as a member of Vitézi Rend, a Hungarian organization that the U.S. State Department describes as being “under the direction of the Nazi Government of Germany” during World War II.

During the Holocaust, Vitézi Rend and founder Miklos Horthy were responsible for turning over hundreds of thousand of Jews to the Nazis.

Gyula Soltész, a high ranking Vitézi Rend leader, confirmed to the Forward today that Gorka is a long-time member and swore the following “lifelong oath”:

“I, Vitez [name], swear on the Holy Crown that I know the Order’s goals and code, and based on the orders of the Captain and Order Superiors will follow them for the rest of my life. I never betrayed my Hungarianness, and was never and am not currently a member of an anti-national or secret organization. So help me God.”

For those familiar with Gorka, his white supremacist leanings will come as no surprise. Steve Bannon’s former right-hand man at Breitbart has often been a vocal advocate for the Trump regime’s most bigoted policies, including the Muslim ban and racist policing.

In January, Gorka drew attention for wearing an Order of Vitéz medal on inauguration night, which he explained as an honor for his father’s resistance to Communist rule in Hungary — a fine excuse except that all Nazis opposed Communists.

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The reason that this Gorka-Racism-Fascism connection could be especially damning is that the State Department includes Vitézi Rend among the groups whose members are “presumed to be inadmissible” to the United States.

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If Gorka failed to disclose his allegiance to Vitézi Rend when he immigrated, it would mean that one of Trump’s most ardent opponents of illegal immigration is himself in the country illegally. Not surprisingly, Gorka and the Trump Administration have yet to respond to questions about affiliations with the group or his legal status in the U.S.

This bears keeping in mind next time Trump and his cronies claim their many instances of anti-Semitism and bigotry are all an innocent misunderstanding. In a seemingly endless onslaught of offenses — from demeaning the Star of David in campaign materials and “forgetting” to mention Jewish victims in Holocaust remembrances to picking a fight with the Anne Frank Foundation and continually failing to condemn threats against synagogues —  there is no accident. At least one of the President’s closest advisors is upholding his sworn oath.

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