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Sean Spicer Just LOST IT When Pressed By CNN On Trump’s Wiretap Lies

Sean Spicer Just LOST IT When Pressed By CNN On Trump’s Wiretap Lies

At today’s White House briefing, CNN’s Jim Acosta asked if the Trump regime is sticking by the President’s widely discredited accusations that President Obama ordered an illegal wiretap on Trump Tower. Acosta wanted to know if Trump’s beliefs had been swayed by the total lack of evidence presented so far.

Embracing the White House directive to always deflect from the real issue at hand, Spicer argued that the matter hadn’t even been looked at, drawing chuckles from several members in the press corps. Spicer then launched into a barrage of interruptions as Acosta rattled off a litany of news outlets and committees who had investigated and come up with nothing.

With his claims that Acosta was “cherry picking” looking more ridiculous with each passing second, Spicer finally snapped, “you’re coming to some serious conclusions for a guy who has zero intelligence.”

The press corps chuckled uncomfortably. Spicer said he meant “clearance.” Then, the press secretary went ballistic:

Many have asked how members of the Trump regime can sleep at night. It seem that Spicer’s answer is to exhaust himself by shouting at reporters until he passes out.

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