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Witnesses Just Revealed Hannity Pulled A Gun On Juan Williams On FOX News Set

Witnesses Just Revealed Hannity Pulled A Gun On Juan Williams On FOX News Set

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The work environment at Fox News is a hostile and dangerous place — and that’s being charitable. The bobbling talking head who dribbles out nonsensical but somehow still offensive rhetoric, Sean Hannity, pulled a gun on one of his colleagues after an on-air argument.

Hannity attempts to portray himself as a strongman of political commentary, but his invective proves his deep insecurities. How else would one explain Hannity’s dangerous behavior of pulling out a gun and pointing it at one of his colleagues with whom he had a disagreement? According to CNN, the incident has been confirmed by three different sources who all saw Hannity point a gun at his colleague Juan Williams. They, in part, wrote:

Hannity pulled out a gun and pointed it directly at Williams. He even turned on the laser sight, causing a red dot to bob around on Williams’ body.

Apparently, this all happened in October 2016 and despite the best attempts by Fox News to keep the information hidden from public view, the details have finally surfaced.

Hannity was forced to respond to the allegations and he does not deny the incident happened. He, in typical fashion, is attempting to downplay the incident as if it was no big deal. In the world of conservatives threatening to shoot someone is the same as a handshake and that is truly terrifying. Hannity said in a statement:

While discussing the issue of firearms, I showed my good friend Juan Williams my unloaded firearm in a professional and safe manner for educational purposes only.

One wonders how pointing a gun at a colleague could ever be considered “professional” or “safe.” Hannity has offered no evidence to substantiate that his weapon was unloaded and considering his propensity for being a fear monger it seems highly unlikely he would ever carry around an unloaded weapon. Furthermore, CNN reported “the unforeseen off-camera antic clearly disturbed Williams and others on set.”

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Fox News had one of their lackeys attempt to diffuse the outrage by saying:

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Sean Hannity has been trained in firearm safety since he was 11 years old and has a license to carry a gun in five states, including New York.

If Hannity had the legal right to carry a weapon is not the question at hand, but it is curious that Fox News would mention Hannity’s training in “firearm safety.” In what training course would a firearms instructor ever indicate it was safe to point a weapon at another person? They wouldn’t as that goes against the basis of proper usage of a firearm.

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While Hannity will not face any form of legal or professional repercussion for his threat, and will likely be cheered by his neanderthal audience for his actions as Juan Williams is mildly left leaning, his actions are indefensible.

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