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Ireland’s PM Just Called Trump Out On His Bigotry To His Face

Ireland’s PM Just Called Trump Out On His Bigotry To His Face

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Today is St. Patrick’s day, the Republic of Ireland’s famous national celebration. Every year Irish people across the globe, as well as those willing to participate, don green clothes and drink copious amounts in order to celebrate Ireland’s rich cultural heritage.

It is also a time when the Irish and U.S. Governments reaffirm their strong ties, usually accompanied by a press conference and the exchanging of pleasantries, good wishes, and gifts.

However this year Ireland’s Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny departed from the usual form. In a meeting with President Donald Trump, Kenny gave Trump a pointed look while speaking of the vast contributions made by migrants to the United States:

There are millions out there who want to play their part for America – if you like, who want to make America great again. You hear that before?

One could be forgiven for thinking Kenny was referencing Trump’s infamous travel ban, which targeted Muslims. But what Kenny was actually referring to was the significant number of undocumented immigrants from Ireland that currently live in the U.S. Their number is estimated to be approximately 50,000.

Kenny continued:

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We would like this to be sorted. It would remove a burden to so many that they could stand and say: ‘Now I’m free to contribute to America as I know I can.’ That’s what the people want.

I’m always struck by the American national anthem…For us…you say the land of the free and the home of the brave. our people are as brave as ever but maybe not as free.

This administration, working with Democrats and Republicans, I hope can sort this out for once and for all.

It takes some nerve to address Trump in such a manner, especially considering the president has the tendency to vindictively lash out at those who criticize him, especially in public.

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Kenny’s comments, while addressing a specific national issue, ring true for Trump’s Muslim ban and anti-immigration stance in general. Some of the worlds’ best and brightest want to come to our country and contribute to what makes this country great, but bigots and racists like Trump won’t have it.

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It’s a sad state of affairs when your aspirations, hopes and dreams are crushed simply because you are the “wrong” skin color, or believe in the “wrong” faith.

Watch Kenny roasting Trump below:

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