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Trump Just Told America What He REALLY Thinks Of The Constitution

Trump Just Told America What He REALLY Thinks Of The Constitution

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President Donald Trump has publicly praised autocrats like Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte. You might ask yourself: what do these three men have in common? The answer is they rule their countries without any meaningful restraints on their use of power, and use violence, coercion, and blatant propaganda as part of their political toolkit.

Trump is jealous of them because they don’t have powerful legislation like the United States Constitution holding them back. So much, so, that Trump couldn’t help himself but let everybody know what he really thinks of our nation’s defining document:

“It make’s us look weak.”

Seriously? Our own president, who claims he wants to “make America great again,” fails to realize that the Constitution drawn up by our Founding Fathers has, and always will be, the true source of American greatness.

Trump’s comments were made while he was discussing his newest travel ban getting blocked by the courts. Trump claims the ruling was “done by a judge for political reasons.” Of course in the world of Trump blocking legislation because it violates the Constitution is “political” as opposed to a judge just doing their job.

Trump claims that a statute gives him the power to do as he pleases because he is president when it comes to immigration. However, a later statute also says he cannot discriminate on the basis of national origin.

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What Trump forgets is that the importance of these statutes pales in comparison to the Constitution, which legally supersedes them.

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Trump’s “watered down” travel ban still won’t get passed the Supreme Court. The ban is still clearly targeting people of a specific minority, namely Muslims. While the proposed ban may use clever rhetoric to hide its true motivations, the Court only needs to look at the man who’s proposing it to discern what exactly it’s intentions are.

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Trump has been particularly frank about why he is imposing the travel ban, and on the topic of his revised ban he has said plenty:

People were so upset when I used the word ‘Muslim.’ Oh You can’t use the word ‘Muslim’…And I’m okay with that, because i’m talking territory instead of Muslim.

After signing the first travel ban executive order Trump read the title, “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States”, then proceeded to look up to the camera and say ominously, “We all know what that means.”

Yes Mr. Trump, the judges will know exactly what you mean, which is why they will strike down this un-American order.

America is a strong democracy because we have inalienable rights and liberties, as guaranteed by our Constitution. Donald Trump thinks he is above the Constitution, and therefore doesn’t have to abide by American values or laws.

It’s time the courts put this megalomaniac in his place and strike down this insane travel ban once and for all.

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