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Denmark Just Trolled Trump With A Bus. Watch What Happens When It Moves

Denmark Just Trolled Trump With A Bus. Watch What Happens When It Moves

Denmark has trolled Trump in the most beautiful and creative way. Encouraging Americans abroad to vote, the SPP Party in Denmark created a bus ad featuring Trump’s face, with the wheels as his eyes. When the bus moves, his eyes spin crazily.

When asked about the ad, Danish politician Pia Olsen Dyhr said, “I don’t think Trump as president will be positive for the development of the world and therefore Denmark.” It doesn’t seem like the Danish are mincing words here.

Let’s face it – Northern Europe has been crushing it lately. The Netherlands recently trolled Trump’s “America First” policy by releasing this viral video. Then Finland followed up with their own viral video. Sweden followed suit.

While Trump continues to take a nihilistic approach and cast the United States in a negative light – claiming constantly that we’re “losing” – Denmark’s was just ranked number one in the “World Happiness Index Survey,” which is weighted on these factors: GDP, life expectancy, generosity, social support, freedom, corruption, and overall happiness.

Trump may very well have created a political uprising never seen before on Earth – but it’s against him. People from Hawaii to Denmark and beyond are uniting against what an unprecedented number of people view as an illegitimate president.

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Kudos to you, Denmark, and keep the creativity flowing.

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