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Ranking Intel Democrat Just Made a HUGE Trump-Russia Revelation

Ranking Intel Democrat Just Made a HUGE Trump-Russia Revelation

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For weeks now, Republicans and their allies in the Right Wing media have remained glibly dismissive about the President’s links to Russia and its effects on the election.

Their most recent line of defense has been to desperately complain about media bias to anyone who will listen, and then, with all the phony outrage only the GOP can muster, ask, “But where’s the evidence of collusion?!”

Well, it appears Congress is about to call their bluff.

On Sunday, Rep. Adam Schiff, (D-CA), ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, told Meet the Press in no uncertain terms that, in fact, “There is circumstantial evidence of collusion.”  And he didn’t stop there:

There is circumstantial evidence of collusion. There is direct evidence, I think, of deception, and that’s where we begin the investigation.

This is the strongest indication yet that the reporting on this issue so far has only scratched the surface on Trump’s ties to the Kremlin cabal that he appears so beholden to – to anyone willing to look, that is.

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Republicans, however, continue to play down, or outright ignore, the clear  connections, despite the almost daily revelations of Trump associates who have been in contact with Putin’s network of agents and spies.  Their tactic of choice lately has been to fall back on statements by ranking Democratic leaders like Rep. Schiff, as well as those by former Obama-appointed intelligence and Justice Department officials.

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All of them have indeed been careful to point out that, despite a Moscow nightclub’s worth of smoke, no fire has yet been uncovered.

But these leaders are just acting like professional, responsible agents of the government who won’t offer the public speculation-as-fact without the evidence coming out through the proper channels – a simple concept our Commander in Chief seems unwilling or unable to grasp.

But with both FBI Director James Comey and National Security Director Admiral Mike Rogers set to testify to Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee’s first open session on Monday, Republicans may soon get the last piece of the puzzle left on the jigsaw of Trump and his Russian relations.

All indications are they won’t like the picture that emerges.


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