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This Republican Just Told CNN Trump Isn’t “Intellectually Qualified” To Be President

This Republican Just Told CNN Trump Isn’t “Intellectually Qualified” To Be President

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This morning a former Republican congressman from Florida shocked a CNN host by calling Donald Trump not “intellectually qualified” for the presidency.

When Poppy Harlow asked him whether Trump should apologize for falsely accusing former President Barack Obama of illegally wiretapping the Trump campaign, David Jolly replied that an apology wouldn’t be enough to makeup for Trump’s failure to be presidential, saying,

“There’s a bigger issue, whether this president is intellectually qualified to be President of the United States.”

Harlow, clearly stunned, asked, “You’re saying he’s not smart enough? That’s quite a charge.”

Jolly doubled down, telling a national audience,

“I think [Trump is] learning about his own health care bill listening to you and Chris in the morning. He does not practice in details, nor understands the finer points of domestic or foreign policy.

“When he throws out a wiretap charge, what does that mean? We know he’s lying about that, but he doesn’t understand what a FISA [Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act] court is. He doesn’t understand that  he just made an allegation of a felony, he doesn’t understand that he’s crippling the United States on a world stage. That speaks to more than credibility, that speaks to intellect.”

Former presidential candidate and contender for the title of Even More Bigoted Than Trump, Rick Santorum, spluttered a pathetic defense of the pathetic president:

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“Well, I just think it’s an absurd claim to suggest that the president doesn’t have the intellect to be president. President Trump has run a multi-billion dollar organization. He ran the most, I would say, historic campaign from the standpoint of coming out from nowhere to be elected president.”

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Maybe Trump had the cognitive ability to figure out which lies he should tell to manipulate swathes of the American public into supporting him. But he certainly lacks the intelligence to develop a strategy to effectively govern one of the world’s most powerful nations.

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It’s easy to make up false “alternative facts.” It’s hard to lead a country.

Watch the video here:

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