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Joe Biden Just Came Out Of Retirement To Fight Trump’s Agenda

Joe Biden Just Came Out Of Retirement To Fight Trump’s Agenda

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Former Vice-President Joe Biden just came out of retirement and is returning to DC to leap back into the political fight to defend Obamacare right before Republicans rush to repeal it. Surrounded by Americans who benefited from Obamacare, Biden will join Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on the steps of the Capital Building Wednesday to protest Republicans terrible health care bill.

Joe Biden is a political heavyweight which is why Barrack Obama chose him as Vice-President in the first place. Coming from Biden the message will be clear and get directly to the heart of the pain Americans are about to feel if this law passes.

Tens of millions of Americans gained access to health coverage under Obamacare and tens of thousands of lives were saved by the law Republicans are so eager to repeal. Even Trump voters will feel the pain as Republicans launch a wrecking ball to the health care system as Trump smashes his promise to increase affordability and access to care.

Republican’s “American Health Care Act,” does everything but provide care. According to the Congressional Budget Office calculations, and backed up by the White House’s own Office of Management and budget, as many as 24 million Americans will lose access to their insurance under this new plan. This means tens of thousands more Americans will die unneccessarily of treatable illness every year. This is worthy of strong protest now and at the ballot box in 2018.

Health care is a life and death matter, and the people dying aren’t just numbers. Each person whose life is lost after their health care is ripped away is somebody’s loved one.

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With no Democrat in the White House and complete Republican control of Congress there is nobody to stop this bill. This Thursday, when the House vote happens, it will take only 216 Republicans to ram through this rushed bill that rips away American’s access to a doctor.

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Nancy Pelosi is calling for Republicans to work with Democrats to fix Obamacare rather than simply rip it away, but uncompromising Republicans won’t have it. Republicans prefer a sort of reverse Robin Hood approach, which is visible as this bill delivers more tax cuts to the wealthy.

Pelosi stated on CBS Face the Nation, “Republicans will find any excuse to pull money up to the high end at the expense of the working class.” Pelosi strongly points out, “What they have put forth is a terrible bill — 24 million people kicked off of health insurance, which the Speaker calls an act of mercy.”

It’s far from an act of mercy. Republican Congressmen will decide how tens of thousands of Americans will live or die. It’s time to stand up and raise our voices with Biden and Democratic leaders before millions of Americans lose their health care.




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