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If Melania Stopped Living In NYC, Trump Could Save These Education Programs

If Melania Stopped Living In NYC, Trump Could Save These Education Programs

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President Donald Trump’s recent budget spelled bad news for education in the United States. The proposed budget cuts a whole slew of major education programs, including the Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars and the International Education program.

The Woodrow Wilson Center will lose its $11 million of annual funding that would provide scholarships and fellowships for the study of social sciences and the humanities. The International Education program will also be eliminated to save $7 million that would fund international student exchanges, migrant schools, and special education services abroad.

These programs, both of which cost the taxpayer $18 million in total, could be saved from extinction if First Lady Melania Trump stopped living in New York and moved to the White House, where she belongs.

Security costs for Melania, and her son Barron, amounts to between $127,000 and $136,000 per day. Taxpayers have already spent $8.6 million on the Trump family’s extra security cost. As Melania and Barron are set to stay in New York until June, that cost will amount to approximately $18.2 million.

This is flagrant hypocrisy. The President’s budget has eliminated much of the “discretionary” spending. Discretionary spending is tax dollars going to programs that aren’t funded through laws, meaning the government isn’t forced to spend that money.

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How is letting Melania and Barron stay in New York because it suits them not “discretionary?” The White House is, by any standard, a desirable place to live, with security apparatus and personnel already installed.

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If the Trumps don’t want to live there then surely that is their problem? Not according to Trump, who wants you, the taxpayer, to fund his family’s lifestyle.

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One of the biggest losers in Trump’s budget were state funded before- and after-school programs, which will lose $1.2 billion, effectively eradicating the schemes.

The justification given was that there was no “demonstrable evidence” that such programs and schemes help children. In fact, they greatly improve needy children’s academic achievement.

These schemes are also extremely important for working parents, as they provide childcare and other means of education for their children while they are out at work. Currently, 1.6 million children across the U.S. use such programs. Now, with no after school care on offer, parents will likely have to foot the childcare bill themselves.


What this budget makes clear is that the President puts his own interests and his family’s convenience above the education of America’s children.

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