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Republican House Intel Chair Admits FBI Investigating One Person In White House

Republican House Intel Chair Admits FBI Investigating One Person In White House

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House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes (R-CA) admitted live on Fox News that at least one person in the White House is under active, FBI investigation. The California Republican was a member of Trump’s Transition team and has even assisted the White House in trying to chase the media and law enforcement away from the Administration’s obvious links to Russia.

WALLACE: Is there any surveillance of people in “Trump world”? Or is there surveillance of other people, like Ambassador Kislyak, and these folks who were talking with him were incidentally swept up in the conversations, in the intercepts?

NUNES: Well, if you look at the folks who are working in the Trump White House today that are involved in the Trump Administration, I don’t think there’s anyone – BUT ONE – that’s involved in investigation or surveillance activities at all.

Now, it’s undeniable.

The Ranking House Intel Committee Democrat, Rep. Adam Schiff went even further, earlier today on NBC, saying that there’s “circumstantial evidence of collusion” by Trump with Russia.

Rep. Schiff is a former US Attorney, and his statement indicates that the House Intel Committee is starting its investigation with far more than probable cause, but rather with a body of factual circumstances that supports a theory: Donald Trump is in bed with Russia.

Rep. Nunes’s admission is confirmation that even paranoids have enemies, and the Trump Administration certainly has a long list of lies and coverups related to Russia, which would lead any reasonable person to believe that law enforcement is looking closely into the Oval Office.

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For Rep. Nunes to openly admit on television that there’s a criminal investigation of the President is a major step for House Republicans, who have to be looking at polls and considering their own political futures being destroyed with the Trump regime’s treasonous ties to Russia.

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