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Top Intel. Democrat Just Blasted Trump’s “FAKE NEWS” Tweets Perfectly

Top Intel. Democrat Just Blasted Trump’s “FAKE NEWS” Tweets Perfectly

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This morning President Donald Trump had another twitter outburst, this time in response to the fact that FBI Director James Comey is appearing before the House Intelligence Committee in relation to his investigation into the Russian Government’s interference with the 2016 Presidential Election.

In typical Trump fashion, the President called the whole story “FAKE NEWS.”

One Democrat didn’t take kindly to this statement. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the leading Democrat in the House Intelligence Committee, took to Twitter to refute Trump’s childish accusations, and he did it in style.

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Schiff will no doubt be very unamused that the President is making disparaging comments about his hard work, especially when those comments are a figment of the president’s imagination. But Schiff wasn’t done yet:

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The hearing will see James Comey asked questions about Trump’s claims that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the election. Trump failed to cite any evidence for this claims, and it would appear he got his source from a Breitbart article (Breitbart, of course, being a purveyor of fake news catered to white nationalists). Obama’s spokesman denied the claims.

Schiff then turned his attention to the damage Trump was doing to America’s relationship with some of her closest allies. Last week Sean Spicer claimed that the British signals intelligence agency GCHQ was behind the wiretaps on Trump Tower. The British Government and GCHQ both strongly protested, and an official apology was given. Schiff also mentions the embarrassingly awkward meeting between Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


Finally, Schiff pleaded with the President to stop. Not only is this behavior extremely unpresidential, but it affects the investigations ability to remain impartial and above politics. If the President keeps trashing the investigation it looks bad for everybody, most of all the President.

It’s his own fault that he backed himself into a corner with a stream of lies. Now, Trump needs to face cold, hard truth.

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