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Trump Just Called FBI Trump-Russia Testimony “Fake News” Before It Even Happens

Trump Just Called FBI Trump-Russia Testimony “Fake News” Before It Even Happens

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Today the FBI Director James Comey is scheduled to appear in front of the House Intelligence Committee panel which is investigating how the Russian Government influenced the 2016 Presidential Election. NSA Director Mike Rogers is also set to appear at the hearing.

In a typical fashion we have learned to expect, President Donald Trump let his thoughts be known before the hearing even commenced, taking to Twitter in an early morning rant.

Using his now famous, and tired, defense, Trump claimed that the whole story was “FAKE NEWS” before insisting there is no evidence of collusion between his staff and Russia. There is one problem: he doesn’t even know what James Comey is going to say.

The FBI Director has not given his testimony yet, and it is a scandal in its own right that the president of the United States is accusing a top law enforcement official of lying under oath.

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Comey infamously released baseless allegations against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton just weeks before the election while concealing serious evidence that Russia was attempting to push Trump into the White House. If anyone could be expected to give a lukewarm testimony to help Trump out, it’s Comey.

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Trump’s tweets indicate that he is terrified. The evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 election must be damning, and despite his questionable decisions in the past, Comey should be trusted to tell the truth under oath.

Trump must know that the truth will undermine his last shreds of legitimacy, so he is trying to discredit Comey’s testimony before Comey even says a word.

After slandering Comey, Trump also tried to claim that the Russia hacking scandal is a Democrat plot to cover for their “terrible campaign.”

Trump then tried to deflect the story away from the Russia scandal by accusing the FBI and “all the others” of leaking classified information to the press.

Trump is starting to sound like a broken record, especially when it comes to the Russia hacking scandal and the constant leaks that come from his department. It would be comical how he childishly tries to save his tarnished reputation by calling all these stories fake, if it weren’t for the fact that he is now the leader of our country.

If Trump wants to stop leaks, he should try running an administration that doesn’t routinely and deliberately confuse and obfuscate stories. If it isn’t trying to deflect attention away from how bad Trump is as president or fabricating heinous lies about his predecessor, it’s trying to do damage control on Trump’s out-of-control Tweeting habits or making the orange buffoon look good with petty stories about how he attracts the “biggest crowds in history.”

Trump and his administration are starting to look really uncreative, and frankly, a bit lame. This writer is starting to feel a lot of nostalgia for the Obama days when the President and his administration had grace, class and decorum. It’s hard to believe it’s only been two months!

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