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Bank That Loaned Trump $300 Million Just Got Caught In Russian Money Laundering Scandal

Bank That Loaned Trump $300 Million Just Got Caught In Russian Money Laundering Scandal

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Trump owes a massive debt of $300 million dollars to the German Deutsche Bank, which was just caught in a massive money laundering scam called, “the Global Laundromat.” The scam was headed up by Russian criminals connected to the Kremlin.

Over $20 billion dollars in money of “criminal origin,” from Russia was shuffled through Deutsche and other connected banks from 2010 to 2014. The money flowed from fake UK companies run by politically connected Russians to Moldova and then to Latvia. Many of Deutsche Private Bank’s regular clients are usually Russians with 50 million dollars or more of assets.

The Russian-owned fake UK companies were loaning money to each other and then defaulting on the debt. Moldova’s legal process was abused and used to launder the money to Latvia without breaking the law.

The cash then ended up being burned on jewelry, electronics, and expensive furs, or vanishing into offshore companies. One of those transactions was processed by a Russian company in London called Seabon Limited, which is now known to have laundered $9 billion dollars.

Deutsche Bank was one of the last banks to do business with Latvia as their main bank was known to be a key way of getting money out of the former Soviet Union into the European Union. Deutsche was also one of the last banks that would do business with Trump.

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Trump’s disasterous real estate history left him with zero American banks willing to lend him money after all his failed deals and bankruptcies. If you remember, his tax returns from the 90’s showed he lost billions. Usually that was other people’s money.

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Rosemary Vrablic who was Trump’s personal banker at both Citigroup and Bank of America moved to Deutsche bank where she negotiated the new loans.

Deutsche Bank has been secretly investigating Trump accounts, as well as Ivanka, Jared Kushner, and other family members for any ties to Russia, but while they say they haven’t found links, they refuse to comment on the results.

This leaves us with massive open questions about Trump’s financial entanglements, and who he is in debt to, that could create major conflicts of interest when he makes decisions on behalf of the United States government.

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