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Stephen King Just Responded to the Russia Hearings With a Demand For Trump

Stephen King Just Responded to the Russia Hearings With a Demand For Trump

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Stephen King just called out “The Donald,” for his wiretap claim, which really looked like a weak attempt to distract from accelerating coverage of the Russia probe.

Stephen King is right. Trump should apologize.

Trump’s distraction was a miserable failure and everyone is talking about the role of Trump and his team’s potential collusion with Russia. This issue is just too big and it is not going away.

Attacking former President Barack Obama was just plain wrong. We can expect Trump to throw distractions up left and right when he doesn’t like the main story in the news cycle, but bringing in a former President crosses the line. Quit using our former President for your weak political gamesmanship.

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As for Trump’s distractions? Whenever we see a distraction like this we’ve got to figure out quickly what Trump is trying to hide. Then, we’ve got to turn the conversation right back to what he hopes you never talk about again.

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For now, I’m with Stephen King. I want to see an apology.

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