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A Top Conservative Historian Just Accused Trump Of Treason

A Top Conservative Historian Just Accused Trump Of Treason

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Douglas Brinkley, a renowned presidential historian and conservative commentator, responded to FBI Director James Comey’s testimony yesterday about the Trump-Russia scandal by accusing President Donald Trump of treason.

Comey confirmed that Trump is under investigation for possible collusion with Russia during his presidential campaign and that the FBI is continuing to pursue Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

After watching the public testimony, Brinkley concluded,

“There’s a smell of treason in the air. Imagine if J. Edgar Hoover [the first FBI director] or any other FBI director would have testified against a sitting president? It would have been a mind-boggling event.”

Brinkley continued to criticize Trump’s unprecedented unpopularity and lack of credibility,

“This is the most failed first 100 days of any president. To be as low as he is in the polls, in the 30s, while the FBI director is on television saying they launched an investigation into your ties with Russia, I don’t know how it can get much worse.”

Trump acquired a reputation on the campaign trail as a brazen liar, manipulator, and conman. Comey’s testimony under oath before Congress is the final nail in the coffin. No matter how much Trump shouts “fake news,” the evidence of Russian influence and the Trump team’s complicity in foreign meddling has piled up.

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The mountain of evidence casting a shadow over the Administration is too big to be ignored. Brinkley is right; Trump is failing and it is becoming increasingly clear that he is trying to cover up the biggest scandal the White House has ever seen.

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