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Trump Accused Hillary of Russian ‘Contact.’ Andy Cohen’s Response Is Epic.

Trump Accused Hillary of Russian ‘Contact.’ Andy Cohen’s Response Is Epic.

After Trump’s feeble attempt to deflect attention from constant and damning news of his campaign’s involvement with Russia, Bravo TV Host Andy Cohen nailed him with a perfect response!

The executive producer and host of The Real Housewives would know! Cohen won’t fall for Trump trying to point his finger away as stories of Russian contact with his campaign flood the airwaves.

Trump’s words show me he feels weak after the constant negative news coverage and it makes me wonder what Russian involvement he might be covering up!

Cohen was quickly told he wasn’t qualified to speak up about Trump’s obvious BS.

His response is golden!

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Finally! Someone says exactly what we are all thinking!

Trump voters think the lack of experience is a bonus, but they are about to get a rude awakening. 24 million Americans may lose health coverage Thursday as Republicans vote on their awful health care law and Trump’s going along with it.

Many of his own supporters will be amongst the tens of thousands who will end up under a gravestone because they can’t access a doctor for treatable diseases. THAT is about to become a terrible political experience.

Cohen’s past includes even more run-ins with Trump and Russia. When Russia was passing terrible anti-gay laws in 2013 he declined to co-host the Miss Universe Pageant there. Trump wasn’t concerned and held the pageant in Moscow anyway.


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