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Nixon’s Watergate Lawyer Just Predicted The End Of Trump: “He’s Showing How Damn Guilty He Is”

Nixon’s Watergate Lawyer Just Predicted The End Of Trump: “He’s Showing How Damn Guilty He Is”

The former legal counsel for President Richard Nixon is perhaps better qualified than anyone to assess potentially terminal White House scandals, and he just confirmed what we’ve all suspected for a while now: the Trump administration is in full-blown cover-up mode.

Appearing on last night’s All In with Chris Hayes, Nixon lawyer John Dean shared his thoughts on how the Trump White House is reacting to the announcement that the FBI is indeed investigating President Trump over accusations of collusion with Russia, and his assessment is damning.

Dean explains that the White House’s reaction is clear evidence that Trump knows he is about to be caught red-handed in a massive scandal:

I was more stunned by the reaction of the White House and their handling of it, which seemed to me to be over the top…They are in a cover-up mode. There`s just never been any question in my mind about that. I`ve been inside a cover-up. I know how they look and feel. And every signal they are sending is we`re covering this up. Experienced investigators know this. They know how people react when they`re being pursued.

This White House is not showing their innocence, they are showing how damn
guilty they are, is what we`re seeing. So, this is par for the course. And they seem to have learned nothing from history because there have been too
many cover-ups. And they are just typical in that they`re trying to distance themselves from people that are involved.

For how loud the White House cries innocent, their actions tell a very different story. All the denials and the obfuscations always come directly after some kind of incriminating revelation – and the revelations just keep on coming.

If this is just a conspiracy theory, as Trump says it is, why is everybody involved lying about it? Why does half of Trump’s team have connections to Russian agents that are only revealed when someone blows the whistle? Why is Trump resorting to conspiracy theories created by Russian state media like the endlessly debunked “Obama wiretap” accusation to try to distract the public from his own actions?

The stench of corruption and guilt emanating from the White House is overpowering. We need an independent prosecutor and a bipartisan commission to get to the bottom of this, and we need to do it as soon as possible.

Dean laid out how frighteningly similar the buildup to the Watergate scandal mirrors the ongoing “Russia-gate” allegations that are currently engulfing the White House:

“The Watergate matter was an outgrowth of a climate of excessive concern over the political impact of demonstrators, excessive concern over leaks, an insatiable appetite for political intelligence all coupled with a do-it-yourself White House staff regardless of the law.”

The major difference between the two would be in the political intelligence department, in which Trump is remaining defiantly – almost proudly – ignorant.

Watch the video here:

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