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FEC Commissioner Just Sent Trump This Scathing Letter

FEC Commissioner Just Sent Trump This Scathing Letter

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The litany of lies emanating from President Trump’s oral cavity pour forth so fast and furious that it’s often difficult to keep track of them.

Amongst the false wiretap claims, the estimated size of inauguration crowds, and the fake promises of an Obamacare replacement bill that would lower costs and improve coverage for all Americans, no one would blame you for forgetting his phony proclamations that “thousands” of voters were bussed from Massachusetts to New Hampshire to fraudulently vote in the 2016 presidential election.

What many people wrote off as a weird conspiratorial rant designed to assuage Trump’s hard feelings over losing the state to Hillary Clinton was taken deadly seriously by Federal Election Commissioner Ellen Weintraub.

Weintraub blasted Trump today in a strongly-worded letter demanding yet again that he provide details of his allegations of conspiracy to commit widespread voter fraud so the commission and law-enforcement officials can address them “promptly and thoroughly”.  The Commissioner had asked Trump for evidence when he initially made the allegations, but has received no response to date.

According to Weintraub:

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“This allegation of a vast conspiracy, involving thousands of people committing felony criminal acts aimed at stealing the election, has deeply disturbed citizens throughout America. I have heard from many of them, including proud and patriotic New Englanders who are shocked by the allegation and feel that it impugns their historic role in opur democracy.”

After reminding the President that his charges fall directly under the jurisdiction of the FEC, the commissioner requests the evidence, since Trump:

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“cannot have responsibly alleged this scheme without already having sufficient facts in hands to do so.”

Brilliantly calling the President’s bluff by asking him to show his hand, Weintraub goes on to remind Trump why and how his allegations have horrific repercussions on the U.S. electoral system. Stating that the words of the President of the United States “carry considerable persuasive and legal weight”, she warns that lawmakers around the country may actually trust those words and enact “unwarranted voter restrictions”.

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Weintraub is smart enough to know that the potential result is “deterring or preventing American citizens from voting,” when, given our historically low voter turnout, everyone should agree that we should be encouraging them to vote.

The FEC Commissioner continues by giving Trump the basic civics lesson that he seems to have missed during his education so far:

“This country should make policy based on facts, not unsupported statements, no matter how high-ranking the source. In these polarized times, we will never be able to find common ground on sound policy going forward if we are operating on different assumptions of what occurred in the recent past.”

Bemoaning the possible loss of faith in the electoral process by the American people if fake voter-fraud allegations are not refuted, Weintraub ends her letter with a potent reminder:

“Facts matter, Mr. President. The American people deserve to see your evidence.”

Let’s hope for her sake that she’s not holding her breath until it’s delivered.






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