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Jason Chaffetz Top Funder is a Pyramid Scheme that Operates in Russia

Jason Chaffetz Top Funder is a Pyramid Scheme that Operates in Russia

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Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) is the highly partisan Republican Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. He famously led the charge to slash funding for embassy protective services by hundreds of millions of dollars, for two years in a row, right before the episode at Benghazi. Then, he led the constant investigations into how there could possibly be a security lapse.

Now, he is using his position in the House of Representatives to block investigations of Trump’s ties to Russia. As the ties between Russia and Trump’s campaign become clearer and clearer, why is Chaffetz trying to block further investigation into an adversarial nation manipulating our elections?

What’s missing from all of this is that nobody has investigated Chaffetz. It turns out that his largest financial backer “Nu Skin,” was busted for running a massive pyramid scheme.

According to Open Secrets Chaffetz received $102,350 from a skin care company that he defended as the Nu Skin administrative assistant for public relations in the early 90’s.

After saying the company had taken, “lots of blows in the stomach,” he said, “We’re going to come out swinging.”

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The company’s pyramid style was so visible that many states including the Michigan Attorney General Frank Kelley fired a notice of intended action against Nu Skin. They were busted!

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Now, years after Chinese political figures took ownership of this giant pyramid scheme, it is also growing business in Russia and the Ukraine. The Palmer Report uncovered a new verified Facebook page called “Nu Skin Official Page,” in Russia and the Ukraine.

This raises massive new questions about why a skin care product line making wild claims about their anti-aging products, which runs as a giant pyramid scheme, owned in large part by the Chinese, and expanding business in Russia and the Ukraine is the primary backer of a US Congressman.

Is it possible that Chaffetz doesn’t want to investigate Trump’s Russia problem because it could get too close to his own?


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