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Angry Locals Just Ruined Trump Kids’ Taxpayer-Funded Aspen Vacation

Angry Locals Just Ruined Trump Kids’ Taxpayer-Funded Aspen Vacation

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If you went to Aspen for a relaxing getaway this weekend, you probably ended up with more than you expected — unless you had expected the First Family and 100 Secret Service Agents on the taxpayer’s dime.

Despite ridiculing President Obama for every vacation related expense during his eight-year tenure, Trump has been spending tax dollars on leisure travel at more than ten times the rate of his predecessor.

This weekend, the families of Donald Jr., Eric Trump, Ivanka and Jared Kushner all descended on the city of Aspen with a massive 100-strong protection detail, frustrating residents and vacationers alike and leaving the press to marvel at a “mysterious” $12,000 ski rental agreement for the Secret Service.

Aspen residents found a productive outlet for the frustration however, taking to the streets to let the President’s family/advisors hear their frustrations with the regime’s assault on their community, the environment, and basic human decency.

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The protests accompanied a flurry of tweets that called out Trump’s kids beautifully:

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Despite the wasteful extravagance of First Family ski excursions, there is something very fitting about the Trumps so publicly going down hill. Let’s just hope they hit rock bottom before they can take us all down with them.

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