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Reporters Just Asked Biden If Obama Wiretapped Trump. His Response Is Perfect

Reporters Just Asked Biden If Obama Wiretapped Trump. His Response Is Perfect

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Former Vice-President Joe Biden spoke to the media today and was asked about President Trump’s assertions that the Obama White House had wiretapped him during the election. He responded with ruthless mockery:

“Five or six times. Are you joking? Are you serious?”

The FBI publicly debunked Trump’s outrageous accusations against his predecessor on Monday, during the House Intelligence Committee hearings that also confirmed the FBI is investigating President Trump for his campaign’s potentially treasonous collusion with agents of the Russian Federation.

On a more serious note, Biden then went on to publicly slam Trump and his administration’s cozy relationship with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin during his trip to Capitol Hill, where he was rallying the Democrats for before the big Trumpcare showdown on Thursday.

Speaking to reporters, Biden expressed the utter frustration that we all feel at Trump’s determined efforts to sabotage our international relationships and cuddle up to the Russian Federation instead:

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“The notion that there’s still this romance with Putin … I’m told [Tillerson] has decided he’s going to go visit Putin before he goes to the NATO conference? What in the hell are we doing?”

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It was recently announced that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will be skipping an April 5-6 meeting with the other 28 members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Brussels, Belgium.

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Instead, Tillerson will be traveling to the Russian Federation less than a week later.

The decision to not attend the NATO meeting sends a loud and clear message just days after President Trump berated our close ally, Germany, for “not paying their NATO debts.”

NATO does not have “debt” accounts. What it does have is a collective security agreement that acts as a countermeasure to the aggressions of a newly resurgent Russia – an agreement that Moscow would love to shatter.



Biden’s trip to Washington was for a rally with House Democrats ahead of Thursday’s pivotal “Trumpcare” House floor vote. He spoke to a roaring crowd and loudly announced that the Trumpcare bill might as well be dead on arrival.

“Eliminating the Affordable Care Act means eliminating an awful lot of things that people badly need in return for what? So the .9 percent in taxes for people making over 250,000 couples can be returned to them? So drug companies and insurance companies and medical device companies can benefit? I’m not going anywhere. This bill isn’t going to pass.”

Vice-President Biden’s visit to the capitol was a much-needed morale boost and an inspiring show of unity in the face of a fractious Republican Party – and a sharp reminder of how much his leadership and grace are sorely missed.




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