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Trump Jr. Just Smeared London’s Mayor And Got A Brutal Response

Trump Jr. Just Smeared London’s Mayor And Got A Brutal Response

Following the London attack that left at least four people dead, most of the world turned with concern and compassion to the victims. Donald Trump Jr. was a rare exception.

Instead, the President’s oldest son took the opportunity to smear London Mayor Sadiq Khan, a Muslim and vocal critic of the elder Trump, by taking his words out of context and attacking him on Twitter:

Admittedly, a mayor saying “terror attacks are part of living in big city” seems callous in the aftermath of an attack. There are two problems with this however. First, Khan actually said that London needs to be prepared the threat of terror is “part and parcel of living in a big city.” He was not dismissing attacks, he was calling for vigilance.

Second, and even more importantly, Mayor Khan’s comments were made six months ago.

Trump Jr.’s attack is not only malicious, it is incredibly disingenuous and comes at a time when Khan must lead recovery efforts after a grave tragedy. Khan understandably had more pressing matters to deal with than the latest shameful display of pettiness from the Trump family. Twitter, however, came out in full force.

In due time, we should be hearing from Mayor Khan as well. For now, however he must lead his city through the recovery from this horrible attack. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and the people of London.

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