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Seth Meyers Just Asked The Trump-Russia Question The Media Won’t

Seth Meyers Just Asked The Trump-Russia Question The Media Won’t

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Seth Meyers was on fire last night. In his regular segment “A Closer Look”, The host of Late Night with Seth Meyers ripped into Trump’s hypocrisy and lies about the investigation of his campaign’s collusion with Russia and lampooned the testimony of Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch with one vital question (video below at the 5:20 mark).

With Trump under attack for his false accusations that President Obama wiretapped his offices at Trump Tower, Meyers pounced on White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s risible claims that Trump barely knew his former campaign manager, Paul Manafort. Manafort is currently under federal investigation for his clandestine work on behalf of Russian oligarchs to advance Vladimir Putin’s agenda in the Ukraine.

With a montage of clips of Trump and his surrogates praising Manafort and his work, Meyers highlighted Trump’s throw-them-under-the-bus strategy as he struggles to distance himself from the man who led his campaign for nearly four months.

As the FBI investigation creeps closer and closer to the President’s door, Trump is finding that advancing his regressive agenda is becoming increasingly difficult, even with a Republican Congress at his beck and call.

The Late Night host zeroed in on one of the only reasons that Republicans are still nominally backing a President with the lowest approval ratings at this point in their administration since polling began: the Senate confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch.

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Having stolen the right to appoint a Justice to replace arch-conservative Antonin Scalia from President Obama by refusing to hold confirmation hearings until Trump took office, Republicans desperately want to confirm Gorsuch, who is considered to be even more right-wing than Scalia.

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Democrats, on the other hand, have just promised to filibuster the nomination of Gorsuch to a life-time term that could affect the course of justice for decades, both in protest of Republican obstructionism and because of the questions regarding the legitimacy of the election.

As Meyers put it:

“We’re in the unprecedented situation of a president trying to fill a stolen Supreme Court seat while under the cloud of an FBI investigation. If the shoe were on the other foot, the Republicans would stonewall for four years.”

Meyers ridiculed Gorsuch’s folksy manner in replying to substantive questions about his judicial history with evasive non-answers designed to deflect any possible hiccups on the way to confirmation.

Check out the hilarious segment from Late Night With Seth Meyers here:


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