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A Woman Saw The Senator Who’d Been Blowing Her Off On A Flight And Took Action

A Woman Saw The Senator Who’d Been Blowing Her Off On A Flight And Took Action

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Oklahoma resident, Kendall Brown had been trying to contact her junior Senator James Lankford (R-OK) for months to express concerns about his party’s efforts to strip healthcare from 24 million Americans. As of yesterday, she had yet to receive a response.

Last night, however, fate took a surprising turn for Brown and her estranged senator when she boarded a plane from Dallas and found Lankford seated a few rows behind her. Brown promptly reached out to her friends on social media for advice:

Quickly armed with a flood of encouragement from her friends, Brown proceeded to take a classy approach, rather than bombarding Lankford, she used Twitter to cordially try schedule some time on the plane:

Brown then wrote out a letter to her Senator, but before she could deliver it, Lankford finally walked back to talk to his constituent, at which point she handed him the letter and had a brief chat:

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Brown told Raw Story’s Sarah K. Burris that Lankford wanted to know “specifically” what question she had.

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“I want to share my story with you and I want to have my voice heard on why the ACA is important to me,” Brown replied, adding that she would be happy to discuss the matter further at “literally any time.” Brown later explained her motives this way:

“He pretty specifically isn’t listening to all voices right now and that’s why I approached him. I know there are a lot of people out there that have just as compelling stories about why they need the ACA. So, I had an obligation to approach him, not just for me but for everyone.”

Brown isn’t under any illusions that the encounter will lead Lankford to suddenly prioritize the wellbeing of his constituents over corporate interests and party loyalty, but she is hoping to land that coffee meeting and share her perspective further.

For now, however, she at least got a response from the Senator who has been avoiding her.


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