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This Ex-NSA Director Just Made A Shocking Prediction About Trump’s Impeachment

This Ex-NSA Director Just Made A Shocking Prediction About Trump’s Impeachment

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A former Technical Division Director at the National Security Agency believes that the end is nigh for President Trump and his cronies.

John Schindler is a cryptographer and former Naval College professor whose tweets have drawn international attention for his insight into the Trump-Russia affair and for writing in 2015 that Wikileaks was a front for Russian intelligence, long before it was suspected elsewhere.

John Schindler recently appeared on the Fernand Amandi radio program in Miami and dropped a bombshell prediction – that we are approaching the seminal Watergate moment where the accomplices begin to believe they’re being set up to take the fall by the criminal – and spill the beans instead:

They are one John Dean-type character, one member of this conspiracy cooperating with the Justice Department away from this all falling apart. Any one of these individuals decides to start talking, it’s over for ‘Team Trump.’

John Dean himself, says that Trump regime is definitely “in cover-up mode” this month, noting that President Donald Trump’s repeated and vehement denials of his alleged ties to Russia are “really stupid because it takes away the ability later, down the road to explain what is really going on.”

John Schindler proceeded to list three of Trump’s “best people” with the most to gain by ratting out the President. All three were members of the Trump campaign, the transition team, or White House staff recently identified as the main targets of the FBI’s counterintelligence investigations.

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He began with Trump’s former campaign manager:

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Paul Manafort was up to his eyeballs in Russian money. The AP discovered that he was getting ten million – MILLION – dollars a year from a Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, a friend of Putin’s, to push Putinism in the west. If that isn’t shady, I don’t know what is.

US Treasury agents have paid a visit to Cyprus, which is one of the favorite money laundering sites for Russian money abroad, and have uncovered Mr. Manafort’s shady ties there to money laundering. We’re talking big money. So that’s just one individual who now would seem have a lot of incentive to cooperate with the Justice Department if he does not want to spend his remaining days in jail.

Schindler continued with his professional dissection of Trump’s predicament by describing the collusion between former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone and Russian-linked hacker group Guccifer 2.0. Stone is Trump’s longest-serving political operative and coincidentally has been friends with Manafort since the 1970s.

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Stone was the campaign’s top advisor in its first two months and openly celebrated his return to the fold last summer. The Florida man whose motto was said to be, “Deny everything, admit nothing” has been doing a lot of admitting lately, like meeting with an Assange “emissary” to the Miami Herald. John Schindler explained on the radio:

Stone has admitted that he was in touch with Wikileaks – a Russian front last year – he publicly admitted that. That looks like collusion with a foreign intelligence service. He has by his own admission been involved in collusion with Guccifer 2.0, a Russian intelligence-connected hacker. He’s admitted to all of this.

Only then did the former NSA Director turn his sights on General Flynn who decided to become an unregistered foreign agent of Turkey and Russia, while ‘volunteering’ for the Trump campaign.

Mike Pence was maneuvered deftly into office by Manafort’s machinations during the summer, which landed him in prime position to influence the White House employee selection process and Flynn’s job. The former Naval War College professor had this to say about Flynn:

The disgraced former (briefly) former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn, thrown out of the White House for lying to the Vice President about his ties to the Russian Ambassador, which contrary to his previous lies took over $50 thousand dollars from the Kremlin and from RT, and Kremlin-linked companies for his security consulting firm. There’s an individual who seems to have broken US law and would have an incentive to talk to the Justice Department about a deal to avoid prison.

The Trump administration, beset with defeat and humiliation throughout the first hundred days, is about to go through some very rough times.

His predictions appear to already be coming true. Three of Trump’s former aides – Stone, Manafort, and business advisor Carter Page have all volunteered to testify in front of the House Intelligence Committee, in an obvious transition into self-preservation mode.

But as John Schindler wisely noted, that leaves out one key player:

After this week’s bombshell revelations, the Trump-Russia affair could become a race between Manafort, Stone, Carter Page and Flynn to rat out Donald Trump quickly, in order to preserve their sunset years outside of a federal penitentiary – and with any luck, taking Trump down with them.

You can listen to the complete Fernand Amadi show here. Here’s the relevant clip of John Shindler’s remarks:

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