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Trump Just Told The Press He’s Having Meetings All Day. Here’s What He’s REALLY Doing

Trump Just Told The Press He’s Having Meetings All Day. Here’s What He’s REALLY Doing

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“President” Trump gave beleaguered Florida residents a respite from his busy vacation schedule by not traveling to Mar-A-Lago; however, he still spent the day playing golf for the 12th time in the nine weeks since inauguration day. Trump lied to the media about the outing and did everything he could to escape the public eye, including sending his noxious tweet attacking Obamacare on the way to his course.

NBC News busted Trump’s entire smokescreen about having meetings. Bradd Jaffy proceeded to light up our lazy President for self-dealing and highlighted Twitler’s tepid response to Trumpcare’s huge, public failure.

If Trump was really holding meetings at his golf course, they looked an awful lot like a game of golf, since the President went to the locker room, left in cleats, and rode around the course in a golf cart.

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These frequent presidential golfing outings have become a game of cat and mouse between Trump and the media, as he constantly seeks solitude.

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When President Obama was in office, Trump constantly tweeted shade over his golfing getaways, saying that he played more than Tiger Woods.

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Trumps press secretary Sean Spicer also criticized Obama for playing golf, suggesting that being president is easy because you can golf instead of go to work.

His own boss is out-golfing Obama by a long shot, while poor Spicer sits inside on these unusually pleasant early-spring days, desperately trying to make Trump’s nonsensical rants presentable to the media. Based on this old tweet, we all know exactly what Spicer thinks about Trump’s golfing.

Around the country, people wondered how Donald Trump would handle the stunning embarrassment of his number one campaign promise – Obamacare repeal and replace – rapidly flowing down the toilet, and now we know; with more of the patented “President” Donald J. Trump brand of obfuscation, lies, obnoxious tweets and self-dealing. And, of course, a relaxing game of golf.

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