Jim Carrey Just Roasted Sean Spicer AND The Food In His Teeth

If it takes one to know one, then nothing could be more perfect than the star of “Liar Liar” calling out Sean Spicer.

At Spicer’s press briefing today, viewers noticed that, no matter which side of his mouth the White House Press Secretary spoke out of, a piece of food could be seen in his teeth. For the many who have grown tired of the lies and hypocrisy, the distraction was more than welcome, and Twitter reacted with several hilarious tweets:

Perhaps the best of all was a meme of Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura:

Carrey did not miss a beat, chiming in with the perfect finishing touch:

A comedian who built a reputation for low-brow humor rose above the fray to remind us of what’s really important here: the Press Secretary is lying to us. Daily. It will take more than a piece of food to make Jim Carrey or anyone else forget it.

Sheila Norton

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