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Twitter Just Gave Fox News A Factcheck They Won’t Forget

Twitter Just Gave Fox News A Factcheck They Won’t Forget

Fox News Alerts are used to inform audiences of breaking news: a new story has just started to develop and that more details are on the way. Yesterday Fox News tweeted a “news” alert, and they’ve been savagely mocked for it:

It’s a depressing sign of the times we live in when a news outlet thinks that a President staying in the White House to work over the weekend is worthy of a breaking news story.

What’s worse, is that President Donald Trump wasn’t even at the White House the whole weekend. The President traveled to the Virginia golf club twice, on Saturday and Sunday respectively, playing the 13th round of golf of his presidency. 

Naturally Twitter didn’t take kindly to this at all:

It’s time the world woke up and realized that political satire is officially dead. There’s simply no need for it anymore. All one has to do is turn on the TV or check the news to appreciate how ridiculous politics is right now.

The fact that Fox News thought this was a newsworthy story, and the fact that the story then turned out to be false, demonstrates the depths Trump supporters are willing to go to try and scrape an iota of credibility for this disaster of a President. Trump is clearly out of his depth and knows he’s going to crash and burn. After all the sweeping promises he made during the election, promises he continues to break every day, it’s no wonder he’s distracting himself with golf.

It would be better for everybody if he could just forget his ego for a second and leave the White House.

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