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Al Gore Just Released A New Video Attacking Trump

Al Gore Just Released A New Video Attacking Trump

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On the same day that President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order rolling back half a dozen regulations enacted under President Obama to protect the environment, regulate carbon emissions and address the national security threat posed by climate change, a new theatrical trailer was released for “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.”

Here is the newly released trailer:

Eleven years after former Vice President Al Gore presented the critically acclaimed, Oscar-winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” a powerful wake-up call about the very real dangers of climate change, the sequel opening nationwide on July 28 is a call to action before it is too late for a meaningful response.

After an opening in which Gore once again lays out the challenges, the dangers and the terrible problems wreaking havoc on the planet because of climate change, the scene switches to Trump on the campaign trail.

“It’s time to put America first,” trumpets Trump in the scene. “That includes a promise to cancel billions in EPA climate change spending. Our plan will end the EPA.”

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Trump has moved in exactly that direction since taking office, not only by killing Obama-era environmental regulations but also by choosing Scott Pruitt to head the EPA, after he spent years as the Oklahoma Attorney General fighting legal battles against the agency.

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Trump has also proposed a federal budget that guts the EPA’s funding by more than a third. He wants to roll back vehicle emission limits, fuel economy standards, rules against mercury pollution, actions to minimize air pollution from oil refineries, and much more. He has even refused to fill government positions that require scientists as part of his war on what he has called fake climate change claims.

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Trump is big on promoting coal mining, even though coal has been shown to pollute the environment and as a business model is in decline not because of regulations but because of competition from cleaner, cheaper, and more abundant natural gas supplies and alternatives like sun and wind generated energy.

Trump and Pruitt defend their actions by saying it is “good for business” and will create jobs. But what they are doing hold America back from creating jobs in the alternative and clean energy fields, which countries from Germany to China see as the big job generators of the next generation.

So the return of Gore with another powerful warning is very timely.

In the documentary, Gore warns that “the next generation will be justified in looking back at us and asking (raising his voice) ‘What we’re you thinking? Couldn’t you hear what the scientists were saying? Couldn’t you hear what nature was screaming at you?”

In its glowing review of the documentary at the Sundance film festival in January, Variety’s critic predicted “Trump’s ascendance could wind up doing a very big favor” for this sequel.

Variety added that “If Hillary Clinton were about to be inaugurated as president, then ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’ would still be highly worth seeing, but the movie, which premiered tonight at Sundance to a justly enthusiastic audience, has now been given the kind of shot in the arm that only a seething enemy can provide.”

In the sequel’s trailer, President Obama is seen working last year with other world leaders on the Paris Agreement, which the United Nations helped conceived, to get all the nations on the planet working together to save the planet. “Every nation in the world has agreed to it,” Gore says in the trailer, “to get to zero emissions.”

Trump has indicated he may drop out of the accord completely, and even if he stays in it technically, under his administration it will get little support or cooperation.

If Trump has not been impeached by July, this sequel is a signal there is still hope that a mountain of scientific evidence, another year with record temperatures, and the unpredictable nature of nature will give momentum to the environmental movement while there is still time to prepare for coming disasters.

Even Trump can’t stop Mother Nature, or hopefully the millions who agree with Al Gore that the environment is a huge problem, and without addressing it, there won’t be any jobs to save.


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