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Jane Goodall Just Brutally Attacked ‘Chimp-like’ Trump

Jane Goodall Just Brutally Attacked ‘Chimp-like’ Trump

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One of science’s leading conservationists has just responded to Donald Trump’s reckless decision to abandon President Obama’s climate change protections.

In an article in The Guardian, Jane Goodall, one of the world’s most renowned experts on primates, the same order of mammals that Homo Sapiens belong to, called Trump’s climate change denials “immensely depressing” since they completely ignore actual scientific evidence.

“I find it immensely depressing because many of us – not just my institute – have been working really hard to create the Paris agreement and global effort to cut carbon emissions,” Goodall told journalists ahead of a speech at American University in Washington. “Thinking that the USA isn’t going to play its part, such a major industrial country, is really very, very sad and it just means we’re going to have to work harder.”

Professor Goodall earned her fame studying chimpanzees and founded The Jane Goodall Institute, a wildlife and conservation foundation, to help protect the habitat of human beings’ closest evolutionary relatives.

This isn’t the first time Professor Goodall has commented on the President. During last year’s election, she courted controversy by attributing Trump’s success to his “chimp-like” behavior.

Now she’s worried that the loss of American leadership on fighting the effects of human activities on the environment will set back the attempts to preserve the earth for both humans and animals alike.

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“Because I’m traveling all over the world 300 days a year, I have seen the result of climate change and we know, science has shown, that global temperatures are warming and these so-called greenhouse gases are blanketing the globe.

There’s no way we can say climate change isn’t happening: it’s happened…It’s already having devastating effects in many parts of the word and the droughts are getting worse, flooding’s getting worse, storms, hurricanes are getting more frequent and more violent.”

While all of this has left the 82-year-old Professor Goodall feeling disconsolate, she has not given up hope for the future.

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‘If we allow this feeling of doom and gloom to continue then it will be very, very bad, but my job is to give people hope, and I think one of the main hopes is the fact that people have woken up: people who were apathetic before or didn’t seem to care.

“Now suddenly it’s like they’ve heard a trumpet call: ‘What can we do? We have to do something.’ These are people thinking about future generations, not just themselves.”

If only the Trump Administration would face facts instead of denying them, we could look forward to a rescue from environmental catastrophe…and a smiling Professor Jane Goodall.

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