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Trump Just Said NY Times ‘Apologized’ For Lying About Him. Their Response Is Great

Trump Just Said NY Times ‘Apologized’ For Lying About Him. Their Response Is Great

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An increasingly unhinged President Trump took to Twitter this morning in a paroxysm of rage, lashing out against the media for their unfavorable coverage of his disastrous presidency.

He singled out one of his favorite targets, the New York Times, and tried to simultaneously smear their credibility and posit himself as some kind of strongman able to demand concessions from major media corporations.

It appears that snowflake Trump’s temper tantrum was triggered by a fact-check piece published yesterday by Times writer Linda Qiu. Trump repealed President Obama’s Clean Power Plan under the justification that the rules for clean emissions were a hindrance to America’s energy independence and were a threat to the livelihoods of American coal miners.

Qiu clearly and methodically debunked his talking points one by one, showing the American people that Trump was once again shamelessly misleading the American people.

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Trump, who interprets every piece of criticism as a personal insult and recognizes fact-checking as an existential attack on the shoddy pedestal of clumsy lies upon which his entire administration rests, responded the way we all knew he would.

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What he wasn’t expecting was the reaction of the Times. Deputy managing editor Clifford Levy responded with a fact-check of his own – one that’s sure to cause Trump even more embarrassment than the first one did.

Trump’s flowery praise back in November was much different than his tweets today.

 Thank you all, very much, it’s a great honor. I will say, The Times is, it’s a great, great American jewel. A world jewel.

As Trump’s approval rating plunges to historic lows a mere 69 days after his inauguration, it’s clear who is really failing here. All the angry tweets in the world aren’t going to be able to save Trump from his own incompetence.

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