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A Trump-Lover Just Got SHREDDED Live On CNN After Racist Obama Tirade

A Trump-Lover Just Got SHREDDED Live On CNN After Racist Obama Tirade

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The outrageous double standard to which Presidents Trump and Obama were held to by white conservatives was put on full display by former Tea Party Congressman and notorious racist Joe Walsh – who was promptly smacked down in epic fashion (video below).

CNN political commentator, NPR analyst and StrageticImpact CEO Angela Rye took Joe Walsh to task for a series of tweets in which Walsh trying to argue that the “bar was lowered” for President Obama just because he was black. “We didn’t criticize him like we did all the other presidents, we didn’t vet him like all our other presidents.”

This is, of course, a breathtaking exercise in whitewashing revisionism, as Republicans complained about everything from President Obama’s choice of mustard to putting his feet on the desk with barely concealed racism.

Rye, wasting no time, calls him out on his bigotry. But it’s when Walsh tried to claim Obama and Trump both had no experience that she really let fly.

“That is NOT true. Barack Obama was a constitutional law professor. Barack Obama was a state legislator. Barack Obama was a state senator in the United States Senate…he served in Congress longer than you did, Joe!”

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The assertion that President Obama was held to a lower standard “just because he was black” is one of the most offensive things to ever come out of a Republican’s mouth.

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President Obama is the epitome of a modern Renaissance man; a leader, a scholar, an artist, a doting father, and still every move he made was met with howls of fury from the racist right-wing just because of his skin color.

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Trump, on the other hand, is an unqualified buffoon, a liar, a cheat, and a rapist whose entire life has been stumbling from failure to failure, propped up by his golden highchair – but Republicans are falling over themselves to give him a pass.

Joe Walsh is one of the most outrageous hypocrites to ever take to the airwaves, and seeing him get constantly smacked down by Rye’s righteous fury will make your day.

Watch it here:

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