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A Video Just Surfaced of Trump Revealing Why Ivanka Got Her White House Job

A Video Just Surfaced of Trump Revealing Why Ivanka Got Her White House Job

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While Donald Trump broke a campaign promise by giving First Daughter Ivanka Trump an official White House post, he did not exactly break with tradition. (Video below.)

In 2006, after the elder Trump fired his long-time employee and “The Apprentice” co-host, Carolyn Kepcher, he brought Ivanka in to take her place on the show. On CNN’s “Larry King Live” soon after, the legendary TV host described the situation and proclaimed, “Nepotism!”

The Donald did not disagree. In fact, he repeated several times in the short clip, “I like nepotism.”

Every rich kid who gets a job they don’t deserve is taking one away from someone who has paid their dues, but as a private citizen, Trump had the freedom to hire his kids as he pleased.

As President of the United States, however, his obligations run deeper — not only to ensure fairness in his administration but to employ individuals who are qualified to conduct the people’s business with a certain degree of competence.

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This is not the first sign that Trump feels no sense of basic responsibility as President but with Ivanka now setting up shop in the West Wing, it clearly illustrates that he is running his regime with the same opportunistic approach that he brought to his business.

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This is disturbing, to be certain, and it’s an insult to both our country and the office he holds. If there’s any good news, it’s this. There is an honest slogan for the President that also fits on a hat:

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