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The ACLU Is Holding A Celebrity Anti-Trump Event. Watch It LIVE Here

The ACLU Is Holding A Celebrity Anti-Trump Event. Watch It LIVE Here

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The American Civil Liberties Union is currently holding their Stand for Rights benefit, hosted by an A-list cast of celebrities including Tina Fey, Tom Hanks, Alec Baldwin, Ellie Kemper, Amy Poehler, and Tracy Morgan.

The hilarious, tongue-in-cheek event description on Facebook reads,

“In these tumultuous times, we need our favorite actors, musicians, and comedians to do what they do best. Speak earnestly about politics? No! Entertain you for a great cause? Yes!

“Because when the Titanic sank, the band kept playing! Except in this case, the band will be raising money for something that can fix the boat. And Leonardo DiCaprio won’t have to die.

“It promises to be a historic event marking the first time in history people have something productive to do on Facebook on a Friday night. Please tune in between stalking your ex and realizing that guy from high school who wore shorts in the winter is now a professional body-builder.

“Stand for Rights will feature appearances by such A-listers as Tina Fey, Tom Hanks, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Ellie Kemper, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Tituss Burgess, Jane Krakowski, Jon Hamm, and many more. We say A-listers because, after this benefit, the White House will no doubt add them to some kind of a list.”

On a more serious note, this fundraiser is taking place because the ACLU promises to be one of the most powerful organizations to stop overreach by the Trump Administration. Humor is an excellent way to draw attention to real problems, but it isn’t enough.

We need hard-fought legal battles that take down Trump’s destructive policies one by one. We need the ACLU’s legal expertise and tireless team of attorneys and activists.

Watch the live stream of the event here:

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