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Republican Insiders Just Revealed Trump Is Weighing Resignation

Republican Insiders Just Revealed Trump Is Weighing Resignation

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Donald Trump is feeling the heat and it’s beginning to singe.

With the surprise announcement yesterday that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is seeking immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony before the congressional Intelligence Committees, a report from usually reliable sources is claiming that the President is considering resigning.

A former member of Bill Clinton’s White House staff and a veteran of multiple presidential campaigns, Claude Taylor tweeted out this bombshell yesterday, citing an “independent journalist” who said they have multiple sources stating that Trump is already considering his options in the wake of the ever-expanding Russiagate scandal. Among those options: resignation.

It bears noting that there is a recent historical precedent for a presidential resignation under fire. In 1974 President Nixon tendered his resignation when it became apparent that he was about to be impeached and convicted over the Watergate break-in of the Democratic Party headquarters. He was subsequently pardoned by his Vice-president, Gerald Ford, when he took over the presidency in the wake of Nixon’s departure.

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Given that Flynn is seeking immunity from prosecution, it is fairly safe to assume that he is responsible for something that would be prosecutable. While so far the Senate has rejected Flynn’s offer, the question remains who else would he implicate in his testimony if he were to appear before either of the congressional committees currently investigating the Russian interference in the election and the Trump campaigns ties to Russia.

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While a single tweet from a former Clinton staffer may not convince anyone of the veracity of the reports of a potential resignation, even some prominent Republicans are reaching the same conclusion. According to West Wing Reports, Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele thinks that Trump will not finish his term and is advising his consulting clients to cozy up to Vice-President Pence.

If this isn’t the beginning of the end of the Trump regime, it looks like it’s mighty close. We can only hope that Flynn’s testimony is damning enough to take the whole administration down with him.

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