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Rock Legend Henry Rollins Just Decimated Trump With A Truly Epic Rant

Rock Legend Henry Rollins Just Decimated Trump With A Truly Epic Rant

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The legendary Henry Rollins has always expressed himself in colorful ways, but the former Black Flag and Rollins Band frontman may have just set a new standard for himself.

These days Rollins keeps himself busy in a variety of media, DJing a weekend show for Los Angeles’ KCRW, writing a regular column in the LA Times, and playing a recurring role in the hit web series “Con Man.” His long-held reputation for having a hot temper, coupled with his latest screen role, made him the perfect star to fire off a no-holds-barred attack on America’s Con Man-in-Chief, Donald Trump.

Rollins took exception to Trump’s use of Mar-A-Lago for official business, especially holding a recent Veterans Affairs event at “the Southern White House.” Rollins wrote:

“Is the South rising again? Let me get this straight, improving the VA requires all involved to fly almost 1,000 miles for a weekend meeting? This is making America great again?

“Fuck this guy.”

He turned his ire from that “obscene abuse of the taxpayers’ money” to White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, writing that in his “hellish vision, elderly people just starve out.” Rollins absolutely decimated his proposed cuts to Meals on Wheels, recounting a personal story about a neighbor who depended on the program and climaxing with the same succinct message to Mulvaney: “Fuck this guy.”

The White House may have forgotten about the environment, but Henry Rollins has not. He skewered EPA Chief Scott Pruitt, opining that, “If this agency is defunded to the degree that these two shitbirds want to take it to, then conditions could become catastrophic. Pruitt is a true enemy of not only the country but the planet itself.

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“Fuck this guy.”


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Reading Rollins’ essay is as cathartic as it is infuriating. But more than anything, it is empowering. Rollins ends his piece by reminding us how much we can still do:

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Even though Trump remains a low-energy slug with a 140-character attention span, the scoundrels he has assembled are energized and rarin’ to go. The billionaires are done with the burdensome yoke of the Kenyan tyrant and want a return on their investment. As to how bad it will get, we have not seen the worst of it yet.

Fuck these guys.

Here we are. Everything matters now. Your goodness, decency, fairness, stamina and, in several months, your vote.

Throughout his long career, Henry Rollins has never been one to wave the white flag, and his words ring truer today than ever before.

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