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Devin Nunes Just Arrived Home To A Nasty Surprise

Devin Nunes Just Arrived Home To A Nasty Surprise

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Devin Nunes (R-CA), Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, has become embroiled in scandal and intrigue since it has become apparent that he is colluding with Donald Trump’s White House regarding intelligence matters.

This weekend, Nunes returned to Fresno, the heart of his district, and was met by about 300 protestors who are demanding that he recuse himself from any Trump-related investigations, or investigations that the White House has a clear stake in.

According to ABC News, protestors carried signs with slogans like, “‘Get out of bed with Trump,’ ‘What are you hiding #Russia,’ ‘Nunes step down now,’ and ‘Recuse or replace Nunes.'”

One protestor said, “Devin Nunes’ behavior, he’s not working for the people. He’s working for the President and that’s not his job, he’s here for us and I feel his complicity in what’s going down.”

Another shouted, “Come out and play, Nunes, you coward.”

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It all began when Nunes leapt from a car full of staffers into an Uber and snuck on to the White House grounds in the night.

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It is not clear what exactly Nunes is up to, but it is obvious at this point that he is ferrying information between the Committee and the Trump Administration – an act which compromises the integrity of several House investigations into matters relating to surveillance of Trump and the Trump-Russia scandal.

Nunes’s own constituents recognize that his behavior is intolerable and want their representative to give up his influence in prestige in Washington D.C. in order to maintain the integrity of federal investigations.

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