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Guess Where Trump Is Right Now And How Much It’s Costing You

Guess Where Trump Is Right Now And How Much It’s Costing You

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For the 14th time in 10 weeks as President, Donald Trump is golfing.

According to the White House press pool, Trump is supposedly in meetings. Remember when our elected officials were able to take “meetings” in their taxpayer-funded offices instead of the golf course? Me neither.

Whether Trump expended any significant energy on healthcare is suspect, as well, per established precedent. On March 26, Trump was reportedly in three separate meetings at Trump National Golf Club in Virginia. Twitter told a different story, as a nearby spectator tweeted an image of Trump watching golf on television. Maybe they got some business in during the commercial breaks.

The week before that, Trump went to Mar-a-Lago, his estate in Florida to “discuss veteran’s healthcare” but didn’t invite the Veterans Administration Secretary David Shulkin and canceled the meeting. He didn’t cancel his golf outing that day, though.

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Trump’s golf outings aren’t cheap, either. For example, when Trump decides to visit Mar-a-Lago – his self-proclaimed “Winter White House” – the cost to taxpayers comes out to about $3 million, with an additional $1 million incurred to protect the President.

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That’s a hefty amount to spend on an almost weekly-basis from the same man who suggested eliminating Meals On Wheels, which feeds 500,000 hungry veterans every year, among the 2.4 million seniors in total.

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Here are a few reminders of Trump’s stance on golf:

This one is especially ironic:

For comparison, Barack Obama didn’t go golfing for the first time in his presidency until his 65th day in office. Trump certainly does have him beat — not sure that’s the kind of “winning” he promised his supporters.

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