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John Oliver Just ROASTED “Stupid” Trump & Nunes Over Botched Russia Cover-Up

John Oliver Just ROASTED “Stupid” Trump & Nunes Over Botched Russia Cover-Up

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On his Sunday night show, John Oliver gave a hilarious account of what he calls “Stupid Watergate” – the unfolding Trump-Russia scandal, which now also involves collusion between Donald Trump’s White House and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA). (Video below.)

Oliver explains that he calls the outrageous scandal “Stupid Watergate” because, “it has all the potential consequences of Watergate, but everyone involved is really stupid.”

Towards the end he gets more explicit: “[Stupid Watergate] could very well take down the government, but nobody involves understands why, or how to cover it up, or what the government fucking is, or possibly how to breathe without getting regular reminders.”

The segment focuses on Nunes’s absurd mix of contradictory claims and a secret visit to the White House in the night. Initially, Nunes said that he was telling the White House about evidence that Trump’s transition was wiretapped. Then he admitted that the surveillance was legal, routine, and possibly didn’t target the transition team at all.

Then, the New York Times revealed that the White House was the source of the claims that Nunes urgently relayed to the White House under the cover of darkness.

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Oliver explains,

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“Devin took what appears to be an unnecessary trip to tell what appears to be unimportant news to what may have been the source of the news itself. So what Nunes brought to light has turned out to be a bunch of smoke and mirrors as convoluted as it is pointless — truly, it is the Now You See Me of revelations.

But wait, because Stupid Watergate found a way to get even stupider. Because the surveillance Nunes was studying concerned the Trump transition team, of which one member was, you guessed it, Devin fucking Nunes.”

The conflict of interest is obvious. And yet, when asked by MSNBC about the conflict, Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) claimed that Nunes works for the president. The incredulous reporter asked, “Does he? Or does he work for the constituents in his district?” Yoho said that representatives “do both.”

Oliver burst out,

“No! You absolutely do not! You do one of them, and explicitly not the other. That is literally the point of Congress.”

Of course, he is right. Representatives are supposed to represent their constituents, not the executive branch, not special interests, and not the interests of their fellow politicians. Only their constituents.

In their attempts to cover up and distract from the treasonous Trump-Russia scandal and investigations, Republicans are perverting the basic functions of government. When Trump goes down, we hope that they all go down with him.

Watch it here:

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