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Trump Just Got Caught Secretly Profiting From His Business Using A Shady Trick

Trump Just Got Caught Secretly Profiting From His Business Using A Shady Trick

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A brand new report reveals that after taking office, Donald Trump added a clause to the trust agreement detailing how his assets will be handled during his presidency. The point of a president putting their assets in a trust is to eliminate potential conflicts of interest.

However, in February Trump added this language to his trust agreement: “[Trustees] shall distribute net income or principal to Donald J. Trump at his request.” In other words, Trump has a direct incentive to pursue policies that will benefit his businesses in the short term.

Not only will he be seeking a short term economic boom in real estate and construction instead of developing the economy for long-term strength and stability, Trump will be directly working to benefit his own businesses and profit from the presidency. This is a level of corruption unprecedented in America.

Trump’s corruption and crony capitalism undermines the very foundations our democracy. The Founding Fathers intended to set up a system of government where officials serve only the interests of the electorate. Special interests have crept in over the years, but America has never had a tyrant like Trump who sees the presidency only as a means for enriching himself.

The first Americans fought the Revolution to overthrow a king, a man who lived an extravagant lifestyle at the expense of his subjects. In a monarchy or a dictatorship money is funneled from the people to the ruler. America is supposed to be different.

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America is supposed to be a nation where elected officials are held accountable for serving the people, and are required to put the interests of the country and the people ahead of their own personal gain.

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Trump is turning this system of democracy on its head and preparing to spend the next four years exploiting the American public. The Founding Fathers must be turning in their graves.

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