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Civil War Just Erupted In Trump Camp As Kushner Implicated In Sabotage

Civil War Just Erupted In Trump Camp As Kushner Implicated In Sabotage

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Despite a flurry of denials, there have been endless reports of conflicts among various White House aides and officials since Donald Trump became President. Now an outspoken former Trump campaign adviser says one source of this internal civil war is none other than, Jared Kushner, the President’s beloved son-in-law and one of his closest advisors.

Professional wing-nut Roger Stone, who was an advisor to Trump’s presidential campaign until he abruptly left in August 2016, says that Kushner has leaked information about other White House officials to Joe Scarborough, co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show.

“Jared Kushner, perhaps the one presidential aide who cannot be fired, is now in regular text message communications with Joe Scarborough,” Stone told right-wing commentator Alex Jones on his Infowars radio show.  “Many of the anti-Steve Bannon stories that you see, the themes that you see on Morning Joe, are being dictated by Kushner.”

Stone says Kushner feeds “lies and intel” to Scarborough, according to the Washington Examiner, who then goes after Kushner’s rivals or anyone against Kushner’s “globalist agenda.”

Stone adds that he thinks Kushner is “disserving the president.”

“There is no question now that sources tell me taht the president’s son-in-law enjoys a very lively text exchange with Joe Scarborough,” added Stone. “Joe Scarborough is no friend of the president, he revels in passing fake news.”

Stone accused Scarborough of being “bitter with jealousy” because he wanted to run for President himself.

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In Stone’s telling, this is the latest in a continuing war inside the White House between the establishment wing and the “diminished true believers,” apparently a reference to Bannon and others who are seen as more ideological than just political. 

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The Daily Beast says that Stone did not respond to a request for a clarification on his claims about Kushner.

Stone functions these days as a Republican political consultant. He in the past was an aide to President Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon and has a reputation as a political trickster. He also is promoting an upcoming book he has written about Trump and co-wrote the “Clinton’s War On Women” propaganda book with fellow conspiracy theorist Robert Morrow.

Stone has also been mixed up in the Trump-Russia controversy and other questionable activities. His own credibility is very suspect, but his claims go along with a number of other reports that Kushner is at odds with Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon and possibly others within Trump’s inner circle.

Whether this is a sign of a full-scale internal civil war or just a series of skirmishes, it may well be an indication Trump still has not been able to mold a single coherent message and create a loyal administration to put forward his agenda.

He is still too busy dealing with the enemies within.




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