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O’Reilly Just Trolled CNN’s Don Lemon. Lemon’s Comeback is EPIC

O’Reilly Just Trolled CNN’s Don Lemon. Lemon’s Comeback is EPIC

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Maybe Bill O’Reilly should stick to cable and radio to reach his largely geriatric audience, and leave social media alone for a while.

The pugnacious Fox News host took to Twitter earlier today to do his part in the right wing media’s all-out assault on former President Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

A conspiracy theory that Rice was the source of the leaks of names of Trump associates ensnared in intelligence and criminal surveillance received a degree of credibility yesterday when Fox News “broke” the story.  The Fox article cited no evidence substantiating the theory, nor any known witnesses corroborating the anonymous sources the conspiracy is largely based on.  But they published the story anyway.

Today, right wing media, as if on cue, is treating Fox’s “reporting” like a smoking gun that somehow validates President Trump’s infamous March 4th Twitter tirade accusing President Obama of “wiretapping” Trump Tower.

Bill O’Reilly, in lock-step with the coordinated, White House-led effort to distract the public by clouding ongoing investigations into the President’s ties to Russia, did his part earlier today:

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Of course, Don Lemon DID cover the Susan Rice “story.”  He just covered it in a way O’Reilly didn’t like: by calling it what it is.

Don wasn’t about to let O’Reilly’s tweet go unanswered, and Twitter is going NUTS over his response:

Lemon is of course referring to real news reporting by the New York Times this weekend exposing 5 previously undisclosed sexual harassment cases Bill O’Reilly has endured, settling some of them to the tune of $13 million since 2002.  Eleven advertisers (and counting) have pulled their ads from O’Reilly’s hit prime time show in the aftermath of that report, hitting him and Fox News where it hurts most.

No word on the injuries O’Reilly sustained after Don Lemon’s mic dropped squarely on his forehead.

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