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Republicans Attacked DNC Chair For Saying They Don’t Give A Sh*t About People. His Response Is Great

Republicans Attacked DNC Chair For Saying They Don’t Give A Sh*t About People. His Response Is Great

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On Friday, the new Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and former Labor Secretary under President Obama, Tom Perez, made impassioned remarks in New Jersey. He spotlighted the January 21st Women’s Marches that drew more than 3 million protestors, and denigrated Republicans who he accused of not caring about the American people.

“Women marched all over the world and said: ‘Donald Trump, you don’t stand for our values!’” Perez said. “That’s what they said. ‘Donald Trump, you didn’t win this election!’

Perez continued to announce that when it comes to anyone who would disagree with his condemning remarks about Trump,

“I don’t care, because they don’t give a s— about people.”

Perez was obviously referring to Republicans who are willing to sacrifice the livelihoods and futures of the poor and the marginalized to give the rich a few extra dollars.

As usual, Republicans clutched at their pearls and demanded an apology for Perez’s  “dangerous” remarks. The new RNC Chair, Ronna Romney McDainel, warned that Perez “needs a lesson on how the electoral college works.”

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Perez responded on Twitter with three simple words:

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Perez’s spokeswoman Xochitl Hinojosa later clarified that sentiment with a statement outlining exactly why Perez believes that Republican leaders don’t care about the American people:

“Tom Perez has said repeatedly, including in New Jersey, that Republican leaders like Donald Trump, Paul Ryan and others in Congress have shown us that they don’t care about the American people, especially when it comes to providing families with affordable health insurance.

The Republican health-care bill would have taken away coverage from 24 million people, imposed an age tax, and made Americans pay more money for less care. Republicans are making it harder to save for retirement, and one of the first acts under President Trump was to make it harder for homebuyers to afford a mortgage. These actions and many others are further proof that Republican leaders in Washington don’t care about the American people and are only looking out for their wealthy friends.”

Trump won an election by promising to stand up for the little guy, the millions of Americans who are tired of being trampled by the wealthy and the big banks.

Immediately after winning, Trump filled his cabinet with billionaire bankers and pushed a healthcare bill that would have literally have deprived 24 million people of their health insurance and cut the taxes of the rich. Republican Congressmen and Senators who paid lip-service to Trump’s egalitarian promises during the campaign gleefully followed his pivot to the rich and monied interests.

It’s very refreshing to see a leader on the left who will “tell it like it is.” It’s not an uncontroversial remark to say that Republicans don’t care about their voters, since everything they have done so far has been to help multinational corporations and increase welfare for the wealthiest Americans. We look forward to seeing Perez and his take-no-prisoners attitude lead the Democrats to victory in 2018.


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